Michel Dujarier

It’s back to school and work in France. Some SMA Fathers have just returned from vacation and summer replacements; others have new appointments and still, others have chosen to continue in what has given them joy in the past, in the present, and in the future. After 60 years of collaboration with the Society of African Missions, Fr. Michel Dujarier bid farewell to the SMA community of Lyon this Wednesday 01-09-2021, as he embarks on a new adventure in the retirement home of Montferrier from the 02-09-2021.

Fr. Eric Aka, the superior of the Lyon community, thanked Fr. Dujarier for his humble presence and for the wealth of knowledge with regard to the Church Fathers. He said that Fr. Dujarier is going to a place where he would meet many SMA Fathers with whom he collaborated in Africa and Europe.

Fr. François du Penhoat, provincial superior of Lyon, said that, from what he heard, many SMA Fathers were happy to learn that Fr. Dujarier was going to Montferrier. He pointed out that although Fr. Michel Dujarier is going to a retirement home, “it is not yet for his retirement because he still has a lot to accomplish.” He said he hoped that young SMZ students would be able to obtain twice his spirit of perseverance, seriousness in their studies, humility, and simplicity.

Fr. Dujarier, who had not planned to go to Montferrier, said: "What began with joy ends with joy." He added that “it is truly providential” for him to go to Montferrier. Fr. Pascal Janin said that he is looking forward to the third volume of Fr. Michel Dujarier’s “Église Fraternité.

Fr. Erick urged the other SAM fathers to visit the retirement home from time to time when visitors will be allowed again and have an exchange with those who have a rich missionary experience.

A native of the Diocese of Tours, Fr. Dujarier is a Doctor of Theology and a researcher at the Institute of Christian Sources, and he has long been a priest at the service of the Diocese of Cotonou in Benin. He also taught for years at the Major Seminary of Benin and at the Catholic Institute of West Africa (ICAO) in Abidjan.

It is in fact a library that leaves for Montferrier… a few volumes are still missing. Michel and his disciples will continue to write them…

                                                                                                                                                    By Dominic Wabwireh